Q: Car Overheating on 1992 Acura Vigor

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My car is making a revving noise while warming up and the tachometer is going up and down between the 1 and 3 and it stops after about 3-6 mins. It also gets hot after driving a short distance. The Radiator has obvious damage to it and definetely needs to be replaced. I was wondering if there could be any other type of problems besides the Radiator and the Thermostat. Also, if this problem is diagnosed as the radiator and the thermostat, could i please get a Ball park estimate on the diagnosis of this problem?
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You need to stop driving it! You need to decide if a 17 year old car is cost effective to fix. If you decide it's worth fixing than replace the radiator and thermostat. If you continue to drive it you'll end up blowing the head gasket. That is an expensive repair. Go to this website to get an estimate
Check for leaky hoses in vacuum lines or inoperative valves around intake manifold.
Replace radiator and thermostat.
You can do these repairs yourself and save lots of money.

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