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Q: Car has multiple small problems. Is it worthwhile to fix it? on 2000 Volvo S70

My car only has less than 100,000 miles on it but needs various jobs...Front shocks and struts, rear shocks, will probably require brake drum regrinding or replacement soon, tires. It also suffers from problems with the power windows and door locks, bulb out on radio; the sort of annoyance problems that begin to plague an old car. But engine is great, interior clean, body not bad (though there is a bit of rust on the front door.
We have been using Volvo factory service which does a good job but is expensive. These repairs will probably cost at least $2-3 thousand. Is it worth it?
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I've seen the struts go a long time on these cars, well over 100,000 miles. If the ride is OK, the struts are not leaking or noisy then you can live without replacing them.
Volvo doesn't recommend regrinding the brake rotors, you replace them when replacing the brake pads if the rotors are under the specified minimum thickness.
Power windows and locks, they're a few issues on these, the door lock assemblies and the switches, it depends on what the problems are.
I suggest you find a good Volvo Independent that is familiar with your vehicle and will likely charge less than the dealership.
This is a great car but you should expect to shell out $500 - $1000 a year for maintenance and repairs.
Thanks for your reply. This is a New York City car so lots of encounters with deep potholes. The ride on the car was never exactly cushioned but it does seem to have deteriorated and my dealer said they were in pretty poor shape, By the way your repair estimates are pretty accurate the last few years (at the dealership.) If I do replace shocks would you recommend upgrading to a different brand (and if so which) or the original equipment?
I don't have much experience with anything other than the Volvo OE parts. They last over 100,000 miles, so I don't think you can do better than that using aftermarket parts. If you want a different ride, then I would look into using a different shock, I suggest doing some research in the Volvo forums or go to
When the shocks/struts are replaced, replace the upper shock/strut plates at the same time.
These Volvo's tend to have a rough ride, as you stated. The tire size plays a big part in this, if you have 16-17" wheels then you'll always have a rough ride. You can try a tire with a taller sidewall, that will help but you may encounter some tire rubbing when turning sharply.
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