Q: Car engine turns over but will not start. on 1999 Plymouth Breeze

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Tough day. Replaced starter and fuel filter, and battery. Car turns over but will not fire up. If I make to many attempts to start the engine, the car won't even turn over but the lights on the dash board are still light up. At times, it looks like smoke coming from the new starter.!?@#@ What's that about... I will check alternator tommorrow. Would it be possible to ruin the alternator by attempting to start the car to many time including jump starting? (I checked my old battery, and it was not taking a charge). So, I replaced, and gave up. If it's the fuel pump, where is it located and is it hard to replace? This is costing me more than I can afford at the moment. Oh boy. Thank you in advance. Mary
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Hi Mary,
Sorry to hear your having a tough time with your car. Sure isn't earning the name "Breeze" is it? My first impression is that you are focusing on the wrong issue. If the car is cranking over, then the battery, starter and alternator are not the immediate issue. The "no start" condition needs to be diagnosed. This is the answer, diagnosis! You can replace parts but it is merely guessing and it is very expensive and frustrating.
Have the fuel pressure checked, if it doesn't have pressure, check that the pump is getting power. Check for proper ignition spark to the cylinders and check that the crankshaft and camshaft timing are correct.
If you cannot perform these diagnostic tests then you should take it to someone who can. Sorry to be so blunt, but we hear this all the time about people in this position, if they would have taken it to a shop, or take the time to diagnose the problem they would spend much less money and the vehicle would get fixed properly.

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