Q: Can't charge the battery. on 1990 BMW 735iL

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Module inside the trunk on rt. side is knocking when charging. Disconnected it, then the trunk lock module started knocking. Car has been layed up on jack stands. Trying to get it evaluated to see if it's worth keeping. 145k, body/int excellent, needs tranny.
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If i do that, then reconnect. What would be the next step if the module continues to knock draining the battery. In 9 mos, never had this problem while charging.
Charge the battery first to see what it does, battery is prob. shot! Charger is confusing module.
Ok. The battery is only 2 yrs old. Let you know how it comes out. By the way, do you think the car is worth trying to get another 70-100k out of? Thanks for your help.
Well if you like it then hell yes! Tranny should be checked out by a good mechanic first to see how much it is going to cost, BUT if you like this car then by all means fix it regardless of the money. Two more years it's an antique. That is totally your call.