Q: Cannot move shift from Park on 2007 Chrysler Pacifica

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I cannot get the shift to remve from Park position. Looked in manual and found info to override the interlock system. I presed the pink colored tab of the shifter bezel ring. It still will not move. Now I cannot move my car because the shift won't go in Reverse or Neutral. I'm afraid I may have to get a tow truck to pull it from my carporch. Please Help!
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mine just did the same thing, the pink interlock bypass on top wouldn't release so we took everything out to the lower pink piece, completely under the gear shift, removed it, put it all back together and works fine.
after you put it back together did you reset something? I replace our lower pink piece and it still will not work.
Is the car parked on a level surface? If not you may have got the transmission in a bind. You may need someone to help you by rocking the car slightly while trying to shift out of park. Also try to do this while pressing the override, if neither works you can remove trim from around the shift lever, and release it manually.