Q: Can only open tailgate manually on 2000 Volvo V70

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The electric tailgate latch on my car used to work with the door key and the switch on the driver's door, then started working periodically, and now not at all. I now have to crawl over the back seat to lock it or release it with the pull knob. Once unlocked, the outside handle works fine.
A Volvo mechanic said it was probably frayed or broken wiring in the wiring harness where it attaches to the left side trunk hinge. I checked continuity in the wires that go to the electric locking mechanism and they seem fine so I don't believe the wiring, at least in that hinge location, is a problem. Does this sound like a broken electric tailgate lock? Can it be repaired or do I have to replace it?
Any advice would be appreciated. - jake
(1) Answer
Hey Jake,
The advice from your Volvo mechanic is great advice, this is a common issue with the Volvo wagons. It may or may not be your issue though, it's possible the lock motor has failed.
With a wiring diagram check to see if the rear hatch lock motor is getting a voltage signal to unlock.
Also, when your checking continuity in the wires, make sure to open and close the hatch so if the wires are breaking you'll get them to go open circuit.
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