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Q: Brakes sticking on 2007 BMW 335i

In the morning after being garaged overnight, the brakes on my 335i stick at stops for the first 6-7 miles. For example, when the light turns green and I take my foot off the brake, it acts as if the brake pedal was still applied, and then releases with a jerk after a few seconds. Has anyone else experienced this? Dealer is no help!
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This sounds like a caliper problem front, rear or both. Did you have any brake work done recently? I thought that the Beemer had unlimited warranty for the first 3 years or 50,000 miles? I would cal BMW of USA customer service and register a complaint. This is a safety issue and needs to be resolved. It sounds like your brake pads are either rusting to the rotors ( you live in a humid climate ) or that your calipers are sticking and not properly retracting when released. Try just driving slowly in the morning and just using your parking brake to stop and not your pedal. Do this on back roads to be safe. This can help isolate whether it is a front or rear brake problem depending on how the car behaves during this test. Let me know how it goes.
Our 335i does this too!We were told by our dealer that the car has a "hill holding feature"and there is nothing wrong.but we didn't have the "problem" before?So our question to the dealer is going to be,is this system able to be disengaged or enable manually.It's is in for warranty work today!Because after sitting for a couple of days the brake pedal is hard as a rock,meaning that the booster has lost all it's stored vacuum,which should not happen in in a couple of days.Also occasionally at night the compass in rear view mirror flashes dim to bright"daytime".Dealer says nothing is wrong with car.I spoke with the service dept."firmly"this morning and the mirror is going to be replaced and the brake problem re-checked after it sits for another day.I'llre-post the results,when we pick up the car.Sometimes it takes the words "I'm dissatisfied in your service" to get someone's attention.Not without noting,the car is on it's 3rd fuel pump in 40000 miles!
The solution to this issue is detailed in Service Info Bulletin 24 03 08. I had the same issue and took my 2008 335i in twice. Both times dealership said they could not replicate issue and tried to explain away as "normal operation". Not willing to accept this answer for a second time, I looked online and found several forums on the issue. Pointed dealership to SIB 24 03 08 and eventually they agreed to perform the software upgrade even though they still maintained they could not replicate. Problem has now totally gone away!
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