Q: Brake Wear on 2009 Toyota Corolla

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How long brakes should last before replacing the pads? I bought the car in April 2009 as a used car with about 8000 miles on it. But the front brakes need to be replace
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I have seen front brakes worn out in as little as 2,000 miles. This was not a 2009 Toyota Corolla but it shows that anything is possible. You have no way of knowing how your car was driven before you purchased it. My recommendation would be to have the brakes serviced as necessary. You can then monitor the brake wear under driving conditions you control. In many cases brakes are wearing out sooner on newer cars. More and more manufactures are designing to the minimum necessary. Does any one else have comments regarding brake wear on a 2009 Corolla?
I actually have the same problem. I brought the car brand new with 50 miles on it. Now at 9700, I'm told the front brakes all need to be replaced. I'm wondering why. What is considered minimum