Q: Brake problem/question on 1997 Saturn SW2

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When I press down on the brake pedal I feel a vibration on my foot. The vibration stops just before the car stops and the car stops just fine. What might be causing this vibration?
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This is normally from warped front rotors, which means you will likely need to have the front pads and rotors replaced. It is important to have the wheel bearings and suspension checked as well, as these can cause vibrations too.
I had my rear breaks completely replaced in Jan. 2007 (new pads, shoes, rotors & cylinders) and in July 07 the front breaks were replaced. Should I be having problems with the breaks only after 2 years? I only put on the car, approximately 8,000 miles a year.
These cars have a pulsating brake system, that under certain conditions like wet road and slippery conditions, will assist your wheels to lock up evenly so not to skid easily. This is the way the system operates. as long as it is not severe, and should be barely be noticeable.
Typical warped front rotors...from an improper type of shoes...improper installation over a rotor than was not turned. Could have happened when driving down a step grade and driver kept his foot on the brakes !!!