Q: brake light,parking brake light & abs light on 2002 Cadillac Escalade

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all three lights illuminate at the sametime. replaced speed sensors no difference. the parking brake not holding could this make the lights come on
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You have a serious Brake Problem. It can be in any of the brake Systems, i.e. ABS, Parking Brake or Service Brake ( brake pedal system ). Before you TRY parts again, you need to have the systems properly inspected. Did you have any brake work done recently?? Often unskilled people can ruin the parking brake part of the rear calipers, if the rear pads are not properly replaced, or if the brakes are worked on, with this vehicle, you have to clear ABS codes and system with a computer. This is complex vehicle and is way over the head of most weekend mechanics. I mean no offense to people who try to fix their own cars, but a 2002 Escalade is a High Tech Vehicle.!
Hi Dan....All three of my lights were doing the same along with some rumbling sound coming from underneath the truck. A mom and pop shop mechanic said it was my wheel bearings and charged me $240......didnt fix crap!
Now at the Caddy dealership they say its caused by a Emergency Break Sensor..and want to charge $2000.....
Does that sound right to you? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.
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