Q: brake and battery light on on 1991 Toyota Corolla

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My brake and battery light continues to come on. I have checked out alt at two shops they says it is good. Replaced 100a fuse link on post batt cable fixed problem for 3 weeks now coming on again anyone else had this problem.
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Sorry to see you didn't get some help with this. Were you able to figure out the problem with the battery light coming on?
fingers crossed XX, hope your right.
If the light doesn come back on, have someone check the battery cables by using the voltage drop test. A good mechanic will know exactly what this is.
Good luck, hopefully you won't need to worry about this anymore...
Hey thanks for responding. So far I have fixed the problem by changing out the alternator belt. Lights haven't come on again and its been two weeks. Hope that has it fixed. So far so good anyway