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Q: Blower motor, heater fan, radiator fan, compressor clutch on 1995 Mercury Mystique

The blower motor, heater fan, radiator fan and compressor clutch are not working. This is really frustrating because i cant figure out what the problem is. What could it be?
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I would check all the fuses. Then do a component by component inspection. First, make sure you have power and ground to the radiator fan with key on and the A/C switch and blower motor energized. If not, check the A/C switch on your dash. Do the same with the motor, if there is no power and ground with the key and switch on, then check your blower switch. Either of these switches can effect the A/C compressor as well. Let me know how much progress you made and I will try to help you some more.

OK, when you power on both switches, does the blower motor and radiator fan have power and ground? Do this with the ignition ON. Let me know and I will help you more.
Do you have power and ground going to the cooling fan motor with the A/C system turned on and with blower switch turned on? This is a first step, that needs to be resolved. Then, you can trace back from there.
When you turn the A/C and blower motor on with the engine running, at least one cooling fan should be energized with power and ground, whether or not you have A/C refrigerant in the system. This is to cool the Condenser, which gets really, really hot, even with its fan cooling running. This test is in almost every factory diagnostic manual.
If you have very low refrigerant, then yes, the A/C compressor will NOT receive power and ground, because there is self-protecting system built in to save the compressor. However, you can use jumper wires to check it, but only do it for 10-15 seconds, because with low refrigerant, the compressor can run dry. The refrigerant has oil in it to lubricate the compressor.
Yes, the engine coolant temperature sensor is involved in the operation of the cooling fan, but every vehicle with A/C will have this over ride feature, in order to cool the condenser. If the fan does NOT come on, it may be a relay issue. Either the coolant temperature activation of the cooling fan(s) or the A /C system activation of the cooling fan(s) uses the same relay.
I hope that this isn't too technical, but I do this every day and have for many years so I am pretty clear on how to inspect these systems.

I need to remove the dash to replace the blower motor. I don't have the manual to help me and I need to know step by step I am very new at this.
The radiator fan will only run if the engine sensor detects that it is needed. Compressor clutch will not run if freon is low. Heater fan is more than likely a fuse, or worn out, but easy to replace. Blower motor is the heater fan.
Heat has stop blowing and nothing is coming out. I want to replace the blower but don't know how and where all the bolts are located. Do you have a diagram to show me how to do it?
I had the same problem with my Mystique. It ended up being a plug on the top side of the fuse box. The plug had overheated and melted, causing a bad contact to the circuit. Start by pulling the fuse box out from under the dash. It is modular and will just unplug from the circuits. Look for a burnt spot or overheated wires. We found a new plug at a junk yard.
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