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Q: blinking engine light on 2008 Chevrolet Tahoe Hybrid

I have had the check engine light come on 5 times during my 1.5 year ownership of my Tahoe hybrid. I have taken it into the dealer everytime and they told me they found nothing or just reset my computer?? On saturday it started and I called onstar to check systems, they also found nothing, 2 days later it started in the morning and I called onstar, they found a misfire??? as I was driving the vehicle to the dealership, the onstar agent stayed on the phone during the drive with the service writer from the dealership. The service writer could tell something was not right and had me leave the vehicle so the tech could check it out. They called me later in the day and ask if I liked the rental car I had because the miss fire ???? has ruined the engine and they are waiting on response from GM to send a new engine. This vehicle has 30,000 miles and was serviced regularly. including the 5 extra trips for the check engine light. What could have happened or did my dealer miss somehting along the way???? I just dont understand how this could happen so quick if nothing was really wrong in previous visits.
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i have a 2009 Tahhoe Hybrid, it is in the shop for the 5th time for the same problem. The motor all of a sudden will start misfireing causing the engine light to start flashing, the whole front of the vehicle shakes, then all of a sudden it stops, i can go along for a few more miles and it will start again. the Tahoe has 53,000 miles on it, this first started at 24,000 miles. Very frustrated, the dealer is frustrated, We love the vehicle but don't trust it anymore. I purchased the Tahoe to support American workers, i drove Toyotas for 20 years Sequois and Hylanders and never had a problem. Help!
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Chevy would not like bad publicity with there Hybrid. I wonder if you have a case for the Lemon Law seeing as you had the car in with continuing Check Engine Light issues?
I am still waiting to hear from the dealership??? should I have the vehicle transfered to another dealership for a 2nd opinion???? They did not tell me the exact issue just the engine was bad. Should I go and try to get more information on this issue???
The dealer just called and told me GM has authorized a new engine. They will recieve the new crated engine on friday and hopefully have it installed by late next week. They have provided me with a rental car till the time the work is completed and other than that they are keeping very quiet about any other information. I have a call into the service manager, as to getting some answers. I had someone else tell me that GM is very proactive about the cutting edge technology they are using and since this is a Hybrid, that they may want the engine back in one piece to evulate it instead of parts and pieces and can not figure out what went wrong. My next question is what would be the new warranty on the new engine????
I would want to know what happened to the engine, that can give clues as to if the engine failure was preventable or inevitable. You have a right to know if the shop missed something or if there is a flaw with the engine.
Taking it to another dealership will not be necessary, especially now that the factory is involved.
Keep us posted, this is where we get to see how the new GM handles a sticky situation.
Here is some info about the Lemon Law in your state:
The info about them wanting the entire engine is accurate. My guess is the warranty is for the same duration as the vehicle, it would not be extended. However, I would ask the service manager when you talk to him/her, and you may be able to negotiate an extended warranty for your troubles.
All in all, they seem to be handling the problem well.
Good Luck
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