Q: Battery or ..Starter/Alternator on 2007 Subaru Forester

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I was charging my phone and turned off engine Went to restart and there was a clickining noise car would not start -
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This can be caused initially by a weak battery. For whatever reason, either the battery has failed and has no capacity to retain a charge, there is a loose connection somewhere causing the electrical current to be too low to start the car, a good battery can be low in charge from a charging system (alternator/voltage regulator) problem, or a starter may be failing, needing more amperage to start than reasonable, and causing the click.

You need to basically start with a battery test, and go from there. It will either need charged or replaced, at the least. Once you have a known good battery, you can test the other components.

Good luck.
Above answer is good but the problem can also be caused by corrosion on battery terminals(almost always the positive terminal) or even loose connection of cables to the battery or the earth point on the engine. Rarest of all(but I've had it once) slightly loose connection at the starter motor.

Any sign of green on positive battery terminal disconnect the negative cable first then remove positive cable and clean corrosion off. Reconnect positive first then negative(earth).
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