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Q: automatic transmission will not shift into 3rd gear. on 1996 BMW 328i

i have a 1996 bmw 328i convertible. yesterday without warning the car would no longer go into 3rd gear. when it came time for the car to shift into 3rd it would simply rev up as if it were in neutral. does anyone know what could cause this problem? and if so what would be my best and most affordable repair option? thanks a ton.
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It could be a control, a valve body problem or an internal transmission problem.
I'd strongly suggest to find a good BMW specialty shop, they should be able to diagnose it for you.

i went to have the computer hooked up and tested at auto zone but the guy couldn't dind where to hook it up to the tester. do you know where it could be?
And since when the "Zone" qualifies for a BMW specialty shop? No offense, but an Autozone scan test is worth about the same what you paid for it.
I wonder when pharmacies will get MRI, EKG or X-Ray machines and start to offer those services by their sales persons??
To answer your question, yes, I know where is the 16 pin OBD II connector. It's under the steering wheel, at the knee bolster trim panel, on the left side, but he won't be able to get much out of the EGS through the OBD connector. It will need the round BMW connector, which is under the hood to get access to data from the transmission - and anything else beside the generic OBDII info. I doubt AZ has the capability to diagnose a BMW transmission problems - they can't even find the OBD connector.
As I said, you need a BMW specialty shop with GT1 or Autologic diagnostic computer and a tech who actually KNOWS what the data stream MEANS from them.
And the reason I suggested one? Because that will be the best and most affordable repair option - just like you asked. Can you imagine what will happen to your transmission when someone start to "work" on it who has no clue?
The other thing: a scan test is NOT a diagnostic, it could be a help to know where to start one.
I hope this will help you to make the right decision.

Zee , Why even try??

RepairPal and the folks who use it are in the same League !!
My opinion is worth what you paid me for it.
In all honesty - from my point of view, you can really screw up a BMW even if you're a good tech who has not learned the specific needs of a BMW...
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