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Q: Anyone know a GOOD MBZ Master Mechanic in Las Vegas? on 2003 Mercedes-Benz E500

I have a 2003 mercedes E500. I love this car. However, a number of issues were created after I brought the car in for repair/maintenance for 2 issues.

I brought the car in because at higher speeds, when I went over a bump, the car felt ever so slightly unstable (like might fishtail), and the brakes were squeaking. Here are the details:

1. Before service, at higher speeds (70-80+ mph), the ride is smooth, yet when I go over a bump in the road the whole car vibrates and seems like its ever so slightly "thrown" off trajectory. It feels as if it may start to fishtail (swerve from the back) and loose control.
Fletcher Jones MBZ on Sahara in Las Vegas says the rear strut may need to be replaced, so they "calibrated" it. This did not fix the problem, and the car feels like the back end is a good 4 inches higher from the road, which I do not care for when driving and still feels like it's about to fishtail--only now it's at lower speeds too. Do you think its really the rear strut? And, does it really cost $1800 to replace?

2. They decided to replace 4 motor mounts "to make my car quiet". This was not a complaint that I made when dropping off the car. My car WAS perfectly quiet (couldn't hear the engine at ANY speed or at a stop). Now I can hear the engine at any acceleration, which is annoying to me. Since they've probably thrown out the "old" mounts, and appear clueless, what should I tell them to do to fix it?

3. Brakes were squeaking. They recommended brakes and rotars be replaced if not now, soon. So, I ok'd. After they claim to have replaced, the brakes are making a higher pitched noise and at one point, I noticed a vibration in the brake pedal. what can be done to fix the squeak? How can I tell if they replaced the brake pads/rotars?

4. Car is now pulling slightly to the right. (I just had it rebalanced 2 months ago , and everything was fine before). Any suggestions?

To be fair, aside from the issues stated above, the car feels like its riding a little smoother. However, it now has a totally different feel (like driving a Honda instead of MBZ)which I do not care for.

Do you have any advice as to how I should handle these "mechanics" at Fletcher Jones?

I am scheduled to bring the car back so they can correct the issues that they created.

For future service, can you recommend a reputable mercedes-benz master mechanic in the Las Vegas area?

Thank you for your assistance!!
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I can't address all of your concerns but I suggest you talk to the service manager at that dealer, explain what is going on. If you don't get results you want then talk to the general manager or owner. Ask for the lead technician or shop foreman to work on your car as well.

I can't recommend a better place because I don't know of any near you, but we have a lot of great technician and shop owners here and perhaps one in your area will be able to help out. You can look here as well:
Thank you so much for the response. I was going to request only certified master technician; but your thought about lead technician/shop foreman sounds better. I will also talk to service manager. Thanks again!
I have a 2004 E500 that has an extended warranty on it. For that work I take it to MBZ of Henderson. They are VERY GOOD but don't know how they are when you are paying out of pocket.

For all work I have to pay for, (oil changes, brake pads etc) I take mine to Decatur MBZ which is now located on Dean Martin Drive in Las Vegas. Call 873-6006 and ask for John or James. I also had to take a 2005 BMW 325i in to get the whole front rack and pinion bar replaced. They are definately very good and easy to work with. The shop appearence may put you off depending what you are used to but I can tell you from my experience's they do really good work at less then dealer prices. And they are HONEST. None of that replace this part and your car runs worse crap when you didn't even take it in for that. I hope you know those dealer guys do get paid a commission for work they get you to do so..... take that as you will.

I have been taking my cars there for over 2 years now. Good luck.
I have a 2002 Benz, took it to Fletcher and had more than a few issues. Aside from their hesitation to call the extended warranty company to see if parts and service were covered, the AC they "fixed" was not working 6 months later, I was charged for a new rear window when the trip was loose, only to discover the window had never been changed, my car wsa in the shop for 8 days (EIGHT) as they would not release it to me until they received payment from the warranty company (though I offered to pay and be reimbursed). I fould a great mechanic (Franks Mercedes). They do all the work on my car. There is one on Decatur and Sahara and a second shop opened in Henderson. When the recall of the catalyc converter was handled by Fletcher (Franks had to bring it there as only Fletcher could handle recalled items) I had a horrible noise coming from my exhaust, only for Franks to discover Fletcher had put the clamps on backward. They fixed this at no charge. They also repaired fletcher a/c "repair" and did get the window repair covered by my insurance (100%). Franks is 702-365-0900
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