Q: anti- theft module on 1992 Acura Vigor

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where is the anti-theft module located in this car alarm stays on where the car doesnt start?
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The control module is located behind lower right side of instrument panel.
The module interact with other circuits and cannot just be disconnected. The wires at the module are Black/Red, Green/Red, White/Yellow, Pink and a Black wire. The module is the best place to do voltage test from but the wiring diagram is 9 pages long. You need a wiring diagram to diagnose the circuit properly.
The common problem is with a micro switch (part of latch assy) inside the door compartment
The alarm module is behind glove compartment.
To reset alarm, disconnect car battery (positive clamp) for about 20 seconds.
To bypass the alarm, disconnect micro switch positioned at the right side of the hood lock.

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