Q: Analog Clock Light on 2008 Mercury Milan

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My clock light isn't working at night and was wondering could it be a fuse or a bulb? Can this be repaired without going to the dealership?
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I had the same problem and this is how I fixed it. The panel that surrounds the clock and stereo system can be removed by gently prying off using a thin tool such as a small putty knife. Once it pops off, you will see the analog clock. You may need to disconnect the power to the clock to twist it around. In the top corner is the lamp, it screws out easily. Mine had a black plastic base. The one I replaced it with had an orange base. My dealer wanted about $12 for a replacement, so I ordered an equivalent Audi/VW part #4A0919040C for just a couple of bucks. Your original lamp should have a green vinyl sleeve over the lamp that resembles a tiny condom. I soaked the bulb in some soapy water which made it easier to remove. Try not to tear it as you need to place it over the new bulb. Using a little dab of soap will make it easier to insert on the new lamp. Screw it into the back of the clock, reattach the wires and snap the instrument panel back in place and you should be fixed up.
Everything is right. I had to use a needle nose pliers to pull the bulb out after a twist. Thank you for saving me a bunch of money
According to my local L-M dealer, the whole clock has to be replaced. Mine burned out about 3 months after warranty expiration (talk about timing). If your car is under warranty, I'd take it in for warranty repair. My original warranty covered everything including lights, etc.
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