Q: Air conditioner works intermittently on 2005 Volvo S40

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The air conditioner on my 2005 Volvo S40 stops blowing cold after I drive at highway speeds for ten minutes or so. I then have to turn the air off, then turn back on after another ten minutes or so. Seems like it won't continue to work at highway speeds, but works much better putting around town. After I shut my car off, more than the usual amount of condensation runs out from under the car. What could be the cause?
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I would check your Climate Control Filter, it may be plugged up. I would also check your A/C intake vents. The fact that there is a lot of condensation tells me that the system is working to some degree but the air flow is not proper. Also, check the front of your car and make sure that your Condenser is clear of any debris ( that is the silver looking radiator that sits directly in front of your coolant radiator ) This has to be clear to let air flow cool your condenser, so you have efficient heat transfer or you'll A/C system will not work properly.
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