Q: Air Conditioner spitting water inside on 2008 Mitsubishi Endeavor

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What causes the air conditioner to have excessive leaves in the air conditioner to make it spill water into the cabin of
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Your evacuation drain tube (or named something like this) is clogged. Every summer, I have to go have mine cleaned out. It should only cost about $50-100. DON'T let them charge more than that. I took it to Firestone once, and they told me it would be $600...lies.
the a/c unit under the dash has a pan which collects condensation when the a/c does it's job. the pan should have a hose routing the water down so that it drains under the car. the hose looks sealed, but it is split on the end, and sometimes clogs. it is simple to fix once you find the hose.(they should not charge a dime for this - it takes but a few minutes)