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Q: air conditioner leaks water on 2004 Toyota Matrix

There is water in the front and back passenger floor. I assume that it is from a plugged air conditioner drain. How do I find it and fix it?
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The heater box is on the passenger side of the dash. Open the passenger door, kneeling in the passenger door opening look with a flash light at the bottom of the heater box there is usually a little black rubber hose that allows water caused by condensation on the evaporator to drain out into the engine compartment at the firewall. I suspect a passenger has inadvertently knocked of the hose from its attachment at the fire wall or heater box.
Thanks so much autotechpat!!!! I can't wait to tell my husband that I fixed it when 2 repair shops couldn't. You are awesome!
Thank you!!
Considering duct tape to make this fix more permanent. Does not look like a hose clamp will work.
Amazing how much water comes thru there.
I have a very similar problem on my 2006 Corolla. The driver side front and rear floorpans are completely soaked with water however the drain tube on the passenger side is and has been in place the whole time. we have had no rain to speak of in the last week so what could be the cause?
You just fixed my 2007 matrix. Wet floor panels passenger side. Thanks so much!!!!
Could this also be the case if it's the rear passenger floor? It's not at all in the front passenger...
Great help as we have been going crazy with the water build up. I suspected a clog problem and your advice was right on as the hose was pulled off and dripping away. I pushed it back on and now will begin the drying process. By the way the hose on our 2004 Martix is all the way on passenger left side about 1/4 way down and really not behind the heater box. I had to pull carpet down to find hose but if you know where to look that won't be necessary. Thanks again!
A previous reply said that reconnecting the tube didn't fix the problem. Other forums point out (1) it might be clogged; clear it (a) by flushing the tube using water, starting at the a/c intake [is this safe??] or (b) clearing it with a small wire hook; (2) if bad odor is developing, (a) use outside intake rather than recirculate for the last few miles of trip and/or (b) spray a disinfectant into a/c vents.
Hello! My wifes's friend has a 2006 Toyota Matrix that was having the same problem as others in this post. Namely, the water appearing on the passenger floor. Thanks to your advice to others I checked under the carpet and guess what?? The "Little L shaped Hose was disconnected from the heater box!! Thanks to you we saved $435.00 which is what we were going to pay for a "Heater Core". Greg, Sacramento, Ca. God Bless.
Thank you so much! Your advice made it possible for me to fix the problem in less than 2 minutes. Amazing!
I had the same problem with water on the passanger side floor. I told my husband how to fix the problem thanks to your advice!! We had a bet on who could find the sloution. I WON!!!! Thanks again. CS - OHIO
I had the same problem of water soaking the floorpans on the passenger side. I had suspected it might be an air conditioner leak and the posts I read here confirmed my suspicions. A quick check showed your predictions to be true - the hose had been knocked off the heater box drain. Looks like it will happen again, given the exposed nature of the hose, but I now know it's a 30 second fix. Thanks for the posts.
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