Q: Acceleration problem on 2005 Ford Explorer

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When I slow for a turn, the vehicle will not immediately accelerate. I can slow to a low speed and resume acceleration. If I attempt to accelerate after the initial slowing, it will jerk and speed up.
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You need to determine if this concern is engine control or transmission related. Take the vehicle for a drive, (preferably with little traffic) and select second gear then try the turn, if it is smooth in accelerating you may have a transmission concern. You can try the same thing with the selector in first gear and see what happens. If the symptom is not present in first or second gear you may have a programming issue with the transmission control software or the transmission itself. Or, you could have a problem where it is not downshifting properly prior to the turn and the vehicle is lugging in too high of a gear. I would have the engine control module scanned for any faults before going too much further, but the basics like transmission fluid quality and level need to be verified first. You might go to a dealership service department and check to see if there are any related recalls or service bulletins pertaining to your symptoms. Good luck.
If it's like a slow to shift feeling, it maybe your shift solenoid. Fairly common problem
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