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Q: Acceleration off/on-electrical/fuel system on 1999 Suzuki Esteem

my car after engine warms up and driving around 30-40minutes begins to act like it wants to sputter. Tach needle wants to drop below 900rpm when at traffic light. Recently had tune-up/fuel injection/system cleaned.Throttle body/Throttle plate cleaned.Replaced spark plugs/pcv valve.Air filter/oil change.Funny thing, it passed the smog!Is it something electrical, like mag sensor,oxygen sensor-need computer diagnostic. What do you think??Maybe fuel pressure system like fuel pump? Help
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I have checked two mechanics.Both have said in relation to the emission control system. My engine light stays on.They did an electrical diagnosis and both concur that it is with the throttle body/Mass air flow sensor area.Possible wiring short too.
did you find out what the problem was with your car? My car is doing the same thing, (2001 Suzuki Esteem). Just passed the emissions test with flying colours (June 30th). Started to have problems about 3 weeks ago (same problem as you described). My mechanic looked at it for 8 hours and could not find anything wrong with my car! I took it to my Suzuki Dealership, and it has now been there ever since (3 weeks today), and STILL cannot find out what it wrong with it! Go figure - they sell these cars and do not even know what is wrong! They have checked everything they can think of on the car, and everything seems to be running fine, yet when the car is cold, it takes off fine. When the car warms up, it takes about 20 0 30 seconds just to get to about 10 km/hr! It's like it's not getting it's gas or something.
Well I recently had a couple of things changed out of my 2002 Suzuki Esteem which I bought a couple of months ago. It was giving me the exact same problems described above so I had the Map sensor changed out. It than ran just fine for about a month and than it started doing it again but with even more problems. Took it to the mechanic and he found that the maf sensor this time was the problem. Had it changed out and seems to run good again. Just got it back though and the check engine light came back on. Will take it back to the mechanic and find out what might be wrong.
Every sensor on my car was checked through the diagnostics and they all read perfect. In the end, the dealership gave me back the key to my car and said forget the bill (at $627.00 by then) and said sorry, we can't find the problem. They only knew it had something to do with the balance of oxygen to fuel mix. I then had another 2 mechanics look at it for another 2 weeks, and they also could not find the problem. I finally had to buy another vehicle, while my Esteem sits in my driveway for a parts source for my husband's Suzuki. Frustrating!
definitely a sensor issue. Had you not had the injectors cleaned, I would have yelped about periodic fuel injector cleaning and ONLY burning GOOD gasoline from NEWER, name-brand gasoline stations. Older tanks are a problem, and cheap gas is a rip-off. Also, never buy gas from a station that is getting its holding tanks filled..the tanker trucks will stir-up sediment in the ground tanks and you're going to be pumping it through your injectors. Not great thing to do.
check the gadget that is attached to the manifold. only a mechanic and the new part will do it.
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