Q: A/C light will not stay on to blow cold air on 1998 Oldsmobile Cutlass

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My a/c does not blow cold air when the a/c is not on. The problem is that when I press the a/c button the a/c light will not say on and it starts to blow warm air
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wow i did not expect that it would be that much. was it $375 for everything you mentioned? or is that including the water pump and A/C Control head? Also did you get a second opinion?

I went to repair shop and they said that I needed to replace the A/C control head. I have to replace the entire a/c console because of the problem. The estimate was around 375.00 I dont know if this has anything to do with it, but I got my coolant flushed and the water pump replaced, the a/c has been running fine.
It't actually a dirty contact surface on the back of the control knob. There are instructions for a fix involved removing the control, disassembling the controler, cleaning and lubricating the contact surface, then putting it all back together. The cost is zero, but it does sound like a lot of work, so I've out up woth the issue in my Cutlass.