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Q: A/C is leaking water into the driver side floor on 2001 Mitsubishi Eclipse

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I am certain that the water removed by the A/C is leaking into the floor of the drivers side of the car in the front. No water accumulates after rain, but it does on a trip with the A/C on. I am not familiar with where the tubing might be to look for something clogging the line. Can you help me locate the tubing and tell me how to check and unclog? Thanks
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I'm not sure, but look under the dash for a hose that attaches to the heater housing and the floor or firewall. It may be more towards the center of the car. You may need to pull carpeting and dash panels out of the way, but you can also feel for wet carpeting to guide you to the leak.
very hard to find - I have the same problem and have tried to unplug the drain with no such luck. The drain on this car is on the drivers side firewall down towards the bottom.
I am having the same issue right now with my 03 eclipse spyder gt. I pulled up the carpet on the drivers side behind the gas pedal and a hose connected to the a/c was dripping from the firewall. Im guessing the hose is clogged and I can watch the water drip and flow down the floorboard. This was with the car running and a/c on high. The front and back seat on the drivers side only is wet. Im gonna take it somewhere to get the hose blown out and see if that works.
If you remove the solid breather pipe that runs from your air filter to engine, acess to the fire wall where the a/c drain is will be accesable.(may have to lift the fire wall insulation out of the way). The drain is about as round as a nickel and only sticks out about a half inch.
If only I knew what a solid breather pipe was, where it was located and what it looked like......
I;ve had the same problem with my Ford 500 since it was new. Have had it in the dealership several times. They pulled the fan and the ac all apart, told me it was all fixed. But give it a few days and here comes the water again. The car stinks like fish (so much for fresh smelling leather} to the point it makes me sick. The warranty is expired now so it is good to know where the ac drain is. Thank you.
The A/C drain on your eclipse is under the hood up against the driver's side firewall. It is behind the black padding that coats the firewall. If looking at it from the front of the hood.... you have to lift the lower right corner of that black MAT(coats the firewall) to expose the A/C drain. Remove the air intake assembly to get better access to the drain. Use a a long PRY bar so that once the mat is lifted you can leave the bar there as you gain access to the drain. Yes it only sticks out about a 1/2 inch.

I had the same problem and it turned out to be the heater core. MY wife was filling the coolant system with water, thus the water in the floor. I flushed the radiator and added the Preston green 50/50 coolant and continued using the A/C to find that now I had the coolant in the cabin indicating the heater core needed replacing. Once the A/C was on I could see the coolant trickling down in the cabin. It was right behind the gas pedal and coming from right above the A/C drain(black plastic hose right behind the gas pedal) and I followed the green coolant down to my carpet. Hope this helped and good luck
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