Q: a/c going crszy i am on 1998 Volkswagen Golf

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ac not working cheked fuses cheked rellays bypassed the ac button connected directly to batter replaced compressor, reefilled with freeon and still no cold air just air any suggestions?
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Check that the temperature blend air door is working in the heater-A/C housing. If not, operate the temperature control lever and see what's broken.
To check the compressor:
Check that the compressor clutch engages when you turn it on, if not, there's your problem. If the clutch does engage and spins the compressor, check for proper pressures on the refrigerant gauges. Go from there..
changed d block by firewall, dryer reciever, cleaned the condenser, and it only blows cold air when in high pressure then after a minute it blows the copressor relief valve