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Q: AC blows cold but does not cool the vehicle on 1997 Honda CR-V

My AC on my 1997 Honda CR-V blows cold. It seems as cold as my 1997 Toyota RAV4. However it will not cool the vehicle compartment, even when traveling on the highway. It seems like the air volume being circulated is not sufficient almost like the fan is not blowing 100% at top speed. Is there more than one fan? How can I test to see to see if fan is blowing at the designed speed? I do have the switch on to recirculate the air so it should be at maximum cooling. The cooling fan at the radiator is running with the AC on. Everything appears to be working properly.
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First thing that I would check and replace is your Climate Control Filter. It is behind your glove box, if it is old and clogged, you will not get enough flow to cool your vehicle.
Good idea. Since I bought the car used just a few months ago, My local Autozone did not have the filter in stock should be able to pick it up today. However I located the filter in this vehicle and I am disappointed in how the engineers placed the filter. I have to remove the glove box, then remove the bracket the glove box was hinged to, to be able to replace the filter. About a 1/2 hour job I would guess. My existing filter looks pretty bad. Like 150K miles bad.

6/3/2010 OK Last night I replaced the cabin filter. OMG!!! the old one had to be the one from the factory. It looked like a bird had built a nest in there. It was caked with crud from god knows what. Looked like pine needle type stuff. It is a wonder the thing could blow any air through it. I vaccuumed out the box that the filter slides into and got excess crud out. It was a pain to get to on this model, but it is well worth it. I now have a functioning AC system and I can breath easier.
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