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Q: ABS light on, traction control fail, & stability control fail on 1997 Jaguar XK8

When I start the car the ABS light in the left circle of the dash stays lit. When I put the car in drive the other two messages appear in the center circle& stays on until I turn the car off. Some times there are no messages or ABS light. The car performs fine and I think there may be a short but don't know for sure. I have a great repair facility that I've used, but would like to know if this seems weird. At one time, the ABS light had been on, but then, after some repair, it stayed out until recently. Thanks for any advice that works!
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Hopefully you got this fixed - cheaply.
I had the same issue and fixed mine last weekend. It's VERY simple. Difficulty level - Your Granny could do it.
All you have to do is clean the Wheel Speed Sensors. Unfortunately, you have to take the each wheel off to get to it. Once the wheel is off you can access the sensor, clean it and have it back in place in under a minute!
I have full instructions on how to do it. Email me directly and I will send them to you
BTW - I'm in Houston too and will be happy to help you out.
Wow, thanks for the reply. I'd love to have the instructions for sure. I'll e-mail you directly and how about both of us being in Houston. What a small world.
I didn't have a problem with ABS but I did with traction control fail + stability control fail and all I had to do was replace the rad cap
Help! I have the ABS light on and the same messages... Jaguar dealer told me the pump needed to be replaced at $4400 cost! I love my 1999 Jaguar XK8 with 64000 miles on it!
ABS concerns can be intermittently occuring, so nothing about this seems weird. Sometimes a wheel sensor may be reading just fine, and another time it may be reading 0 mph instead of the accurate speed. Only by monitoring various components while the warning light is on can you find the problem. The Stability Control and ABS use the same components, so I'm not surprised about the warnings together.
Thanks for the prompt reply. I guess my next thing to do is get the car into My Mechanic, the real name of the shop, and have them monitor the components. Hopefully, this will be a simple and not expensive repair. It's a great car with only 76,000 on it and I hope to drive it for a number of years.
Wheel sensors are not uncommon and are not too bad to replace at all. So - best of luck!
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