Q: ABS light on on 1994 Toyota Camry

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I had about $300 in brake repair work done a few weeks ago and the ABS light is always on. It never was before, so I had assumed that meant they were working, but after reading some postings below I am wondering if that means there is a problem. It has felt like the back is dragging...Please help - should the ABS light be on or not??
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yes, there is a problem. return to the place that installed your brakes and have them re check there work as they may have damaged a sensor or left off the wires.

When I took it back to them they walked around my car for more than 2 hours and decided that it WAS a damaged sensor, but said they would charge $340.00 to replace it! Do you think they were dishonorable and were probably the ones who damaged it since the light was never on before the day they did the brake work - it seems like it would be THEIR fault and that THEY had damaged it. Is this a fair assessment?? The work that they had done previously was also on the front Right Side - they said they did the following: R/F Brake Hose (45.48) .8 Labor (72.00) R/F CV Axle (pole) Joint (169.95) for a total of $288. Then they said the new sensor would be $340
total including part and labor. I feel like I have been had...?Do I have any recourse?
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