Q: ABS light is on and off on 1997 Acura RL

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ABS light comes on for awhile and off for awhile. When the ABS light is off, when the blake is applied,there seem to be a grinding noise before the car is coming to a stop.
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I am wondering if two things are going on. First I would check the brake pad thickness all round in case any of the friction material has worn down to the backing plate or are making contact with the brake discs. Secondly I wonder if any of the wheel bearings are deflective and have excess play. I just did one a few weeks ago, the wheel bearing had so much play in it that it damaged the the ABS wheel speed sensor. The gap between the sensor and the tone ring on the half shaft is pretty small, play in the bearing can cause the sensor to hit the tone ring.
Codes related to ABS failure can be read by bridging a connector under the glove box toward the center console, together with a paper clip and counting the flashes of the ABS light on the dash with the ignition key in the on/run position (not running). The number of flashes corresponds to the area of the ABS system that has failed.
The grinding noise you hear is most likely the ABS system working, possibly in error. When it activates under heavy braking, it can sound like grinding. If it's happening under normal braking conditions, there is probably a problem somewhere in the system.

Sometimes this is caused by the wheel speed sensors, or it could be a problem with the ABS control module. You will probably need professional diagnosis to figure out the right repair.