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ABS light due to control module failure on Volvo C70

Problem Description and Possible Solution

The anti-lock brake system (ABS) Control Unit has a high failure rate. When this fault occurs, the ABS light will illuminate and codes may be stored indicating a problem with the ABS Pump Motor, or Wheel Speed Sensors, but the problem is the ABS Control Module.

Other symptoms may include an illuminated Check Engine and transmission shift light. and the speedometer may stop working as well.

Note: The brake system will operate normally however during a panic stop the Anti Lock Brakes will not work and the wheels may lock-up, causing a lack of vehicle control under these situations.

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Volvo C70 Vehicles With This Problem

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Average mileage: 100,362 (21,000–201,300)
8 model years affected: 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, more2002, 2003, 2004, 2013
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The ABS light, brake light, shift arrow light all would illuminate as well as the mileage and speedometer vanishing from the dashboard after the car was warmed up. I took your advise and got a 5/32" socket, took the sucker out, cut off the top with a utility knife and small pry bar, heated up the 21 solder points glued the top back on with some monkey glue, re-installed it and haven't had a problem since. Awesome advice and repair instructions. Keep up the good work!! Bob
the abs and break lights come on, as well as the transmission arrow light, which blinks. the car gets sluggish when accelerating from a stop. the speedometer gives out, comes back in sometimes. no repairs yet. dont know how much it will cost
Veery common issue with C70ies. Got TRACS OFF light on, as well as the speedometer giving up intermittently.
A mechanic told me its the faulty wheel speed sensor, and he was going to take out the speedometer and send it to laboratory to have it fixed with estimated cost of $600 and all that bullshit!
After a little research I discovered BBA remanufacturer ( a company that specializes on different kinds of ECU (Electronic Control Unit) repairs. It took me like 4 days to get it back fixed and cost $83 :) On their website you'll find detailed instructions on how to remove the ABS module. You'll need a special E5 torx socket. I ordered mine at O'reiley's store. Long story, short, its relatively an easy, low cost fix if you know what to do. Good luck!
check engine and abs light comes on intermittently. flashing arrow and difficulty with acceleration happens intermittently at stop signs. intermittently the speed in dashboard goes out so cannot tell how fast the car is going, and brake light is solid intermittently too.
My 2013 Volvo C70 has been towed in to Volvo twice with this problem. Volvo says they have never seen it before. It starts with the "abs needs service" light, then goes to "pull safely to the side of road, brake failure" red lights and then the speedometer quits working also. The car then feels as if you are trying to drive with the emergency brakes on and will not accelerate. Hard to steer or control when this happens. Volvo has kept my car for a week each time, but failed to fix the problem. I am waiting on Volvo roadside assistance to tow the car to Volvo for a third time as I type this. Volvo has terrible customer service and no loaner cars available, very disappointed with this car. I have also had air conditioner failure and automatic roof failure on this very young car.
Speedometer stop , check engine light on, track off light, and mileage don't seem to work right, abs light on everything else is working as should
At random times, the ABS icon comes on, then it says the brakes are failing and to safely stop. The turn signal won't go off, the car is very sluggish and it is hard to turn off - I ended up driving to the side of the road, putting it in park and putting the parking brake on. It wouldn't turn off until the parking brake was applied. After sitting for a couple of minutes, I turned the car back on and it was fine. This has happened 3 times. I took it to the dealer in Carlsbad after the first time and they said they couldn't find any thing wrong with it. It's at the dealership now for the 2nd time.
My ABS unit has failed too. Check Engine, ABS, Break, STC, and flashing arrow lights on; odometer and speedometer stop. I'm going to order one from and hope it fixes the problems.
Purchased used in 2006 with 36k miles. Everything was fine for a few months then engine light kept coming on but could not locate problem. Speedometer then failed on highway. Searched on-line and found that this was ABS module. Have turbo and module was not nearly as easy to pull as on-line instructions indicated - I was worried I would damage something else getting it off. Sent it off to be rebuilt for $100 with a lifetime warranty, better than genuine Volvo. Drove around for week without module. When it came back, got it hooked back up and no more problems. Now have 101k on the car, everything else seems to be breaking, but have never had problems with the ABS module again. Dealer want $500 to fix and would have replaced with the same crummy engineering that failed in the first place.
When I hit a bump, my ABS and Brake light will go on. Then the odometer fails and the mileage goes blank. It will be that way for a bit until I hit another bump or pothole and then everything will come back on. After about 12 times of this, the flashing arrow will come on and I loose power. I have had it checked 4 times, and spent over $1000 rewiring and replacing it. It is dead right now until I can find another mechanic to fix it because my mechanic who only does foreign cars has given up on it.
ABS control module was bad when I purchased the car at 75000 miles...Obtained a rebuilt one on Ebay for $60.. been working fine ever since...
I just bought this car, wish I would've done some research first. Thought all Volvo's were reliable. Check engine light came on, after I drove down the street. The next day the brake light, abs and check engine light keep coming on and off. Then the speedo stops working. Don't know what I'm going to do, paid a lot for it and it's leaking lots of oil. Lot I bought it from didn't offer any warranty. Looks like I got stuck with a lemon.
ABS Track Control light stays on unless extreme heat or cold conditions out! Also have noticed an occasional bounce of the spedo and message center lights completely up! Have noticed cruise drops out but no particular circumstances! I will get a rebuilt ABS Module soon but wonder if there could be a ground issue with the ECU like my old 86 240 had?
ABS and brake light come on intermittantly sometimes the traction light or flashing arrown as well. Check engine light will come on and stay on. When ABS and brake light do come on the speedometer goes dead 2 seconds later and will come back up only after the ABS and Brake light go out. Had the vehical speed sensor changed but this did not fix the problem.
typical issues with this vehicle. Mine failed at 90k miles and I sent it off for repair. Repair took less than 4 days and was about $100 excluding my labor