ABS Wheel Speed Sensor

The anti-lock brake system (ABS) wheel speed sensor monitors the rotational speed of the wheel and transmits this data to the ABS control module.

Symptoms of a Bad or Failing ABS Wheel Speed Sensor

  • A failing ABS wheel speed sensor can turn on the ABS light and disable the traction and stability control systems (if equipped)
  • In some cases, the speedometer will stop working and the Check Engine Light will come on
  • Improper ABS activation

ABS Wheel Speed Sensor Related Repair Advice

  • In some vehicles, the sensor is incorporated with the hub assembly and the entire hub assembly must be replaced
  • Wheel speed sensors are reliable, but may be damaged if they come into contact with road debris
  • Many conditions—including corrosion, worn bearings, or other problems in ABS system—can set a wheel speed sensor trouble code. Any problem with the ABS system needs to be diagnosed before wheel speed sensors are replaced, as a new sensor may not solve the problem.
  • ABS wheel speed sensors can be easily damaged during other repairs that call for the wheels to be removed (especially brake work). If you have had recent repair work performed, return the vehicle to the shop to inspect for damage.

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ABS, Wheel speed sensors what a joke. Its just another way to get you to pay for costly repairs. If people knew how to drive properly these contraptions wouldn't be needed . I'm sorry there is just entirely too much computer involved with todays autos Its just more that can go wrong. Give me the old days when everything was mechanical and you could fix it yourself in your drive way.
Alot of nice coming from the transmission due to skipping and grinding after I changed the wheel hub assembly on BMW X5 E53 2001, because the wheel speed sensor did not co-operated with the new hub and wheel bearing. when I activate DSC and as soon as the ABC illuminate, the car start driving normally and without any noise or cranking in the transmission. My question, Can I reset the sensor ? and what the DSC has to do with the elimination to my issue.