One or More Spark Plugs May be Ejectioned From the Cylinder Head on Ford Excursion

There is a technical service bulletin for the V8 engines regarding a possible problem with the spark plug being ejected from the cylinder head, damaging the threads in the spark plug hole. If the vehicle is under warranty, cylinder head replacement is recommended. If the vehicle is out of warranty, Ford authorized the use of a specific thread insert to repair the head.

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Average mileage: 216,486 (76,000–1,300,000)
Engines affected: 5.4L V8, 6.8L V10
4 model years affected: 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003
28 people reported this problem
23 people shared problem details
2000 Ford Excursion- 5.4L V8232,354
Pulled out from getting gas and heard a loud pop. Took me a while to find that the #3 plug on the driverside blew out of the cylinder now I can't get a new pkug to thread in.
2003 Ford Excursion- 6.8L V10125,000
Year 2003 also has the problem! I have a 2003 Excursion and I've had 4 spark plugs blown all different ones! BTW who cares what ford authorized!!! They should recall and fix their shitty crap!!!
2000 Ford Excursion- 6.8L V10194,000
TThe problem just happened. It's in the shop now to try an d fix.
2001 Ford Excursion- 6.8L V10143,000
#3 plug drivers side blew out, looks like threads damaged
2000 Ford Excursion- 6.8L V10168,000
third time the plug has been fixed, its a different one each time.
the front cylinder blew out the spark plug and broke the mount for the coil pack.
2002 Ford Excursion- 5.4L V8
#3 cylinder just blow out
2000 Ford Excursion- 6.8L V101,300,000
I have owned this vehicle almost 2 years now and this is the third time the spark plug has blown and it has left me stranded. C'mon Ford this is awful!!! I think we need a recall, just because its an older vehicle shouldn't matter. I figure I just have 7 left to fix :(
2000 Ford Excursion- 6.8L V10212,000
Threads for plug are gone in #3 spark plug hole
2001 Ford Excursion- 6.8L V10127,000
Pulled out of parking lot, loud pop then a bunch of popping noises. Open the hood to see the #4 coil blown off. Did some research...crap...looking for a good repair guy around Fargo, ND that can make the repair instead of burning my money at the local Ford dealer
2003 Ford Excursion- 6.8L V10237,000
Heard pretty loud explosion under the hood with subsequent VERY loud engine noise- thought it was an exhaust leak at the manifold at first. Found that the spark plug shot out and was sitting on the manifold. Destroyed the coil pack. New spark plug wouldn't go in- threads were stripped. Had an insert put in along with a new coil pack. Also replaced all spark plugs. Runs great again but for how long?
2001 Ford Excursion- 5.4L V8
A spark plug blew out. Hasn't been fixed yet.
2000 Ford Excursion- 6.8L V10208,347
Driving down the highway about 65 then blam blow out broke the coilpack at the same time sounds costly havny figured out how to fix yet thanks Ford for the support
2001 Ford Excursion- 6.8L V10161,000
The rear plug on the driver's side blew out when I started pulling my trailer. $900 later, I am crossing my fingers and toes hoping it won't happen again before I can sell this crappy thing.
2000 Ford Excursion- 6.8L V10
I had #9 cylinder blow the sparkplug out stripping the treads and braking the ingnition coil. I was traveling through NH, and there was a Ford Dealer there that was able to put a new tread insert, replaced the sparkplug And coil pak. but didn't set the timeing for the new pak seeing that I had replaced all of them last summer with a differant brand, the truck did run but not rite, I order one to match the others. I hopr the rest of the plugs don't blow out aswell. at $330.00 per cyl. might be cheaper to replace the heads.NEW.
2000 Ford Excursion- 6.8L V10125,000
I have the same blown spark plug problem and am currently searching for an answer!
2000 Ford Excursion- 6.8L V10125,000
#3 spark plug blew out yesterday, classic case, had no clue this was a problem with Ford until I started googling yesterday, going to have to pay out the hiney to fix.
2000 Ford Excursion- 6.8L V10170,000
I had 1 replaced about 10k ago and now another one blew out of the cylinder. repair tech said it has already had the thread repair on that cylinder. How??? I bought this vehicle brand new off the lot.......REALLY come on Ford what the cuss??
2000 Ford Excursion- 6.8L V10155,000
2 seperate occurrances of a single spark plug being ejected, starting around A-75,000 miles and a different plug, B-125,000 miles. This Excursion is not used for towing; It has a normal (easy?) duty cycle. After second ejection, all on the drivers side, all unaffected spark plugs holes were repaired anticapating additional, new failures. No apparant failures on the passenger side of V10. One blowout, A-75,000 miles, that was repaired, cylinder #9, appears to be failing again, possibly because the new spark plug was cross-threaded into the repaired cylinder head.
2001 Ford Excursion- 6.8L V10215,000
Suddenly blew out plug on way to work - no issues prior - been about 60K since last tuneup
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