A Cosmetic Crack May Develop on the Liftgate on Ford Explorer

A cosmetic crack may develop on the plastic liftgate trim panel. Ford has released a service procedure to replace the applique without damage the the liftgate glass.

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Average mileage: 88,286 (8,600–190,000)
10 model years affected: 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994, more2000, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006
527 people reported this problem
339 people shared problem details
2002 Ford Explorer75,000
Cracks in rear liftgate panel, is there a factory recall for this since so many explorers have this problem? Seems like a manufacturers defect to me (common sense)....
2005 Ford Explorer75,000
A crack suddenly appeared on the plastic area of my tailgate next to the Ford symbol. It nicely contrasts the paint that is beginning to bubble due to the iron contamination per Ford Tech Service Bulletin 04-25-1 which should have triggered a recall. But ny favorite thing is the AC diverter that was made out of plastic and has broken so I am unable to defrost or change AC settings. I can replace the part which costs about $75, but labor is around $700. Why bother using the same poorly engineered part that Ford obviously did not use proper materials to make. Unless they pay for all repairs, I will leave the crack on the tailgate to advertise Ford's commitment to quality!
there was not a crack on the liftgate then all of a sudden one day it was there
Cracked beside the Ford emblem. Ford realer fixed it free of charge
One day I noticed the lift gate outer panel was cracked. I was so upset. I knew it wasn't anything I did. I am the only driver of this vehicle. I bought it brand new. I took it to the Ford Dealer in Eureka, Ca. where I purchased the vehicle and they were going to charge me to replace and paint it. I looked online for recalls and none, but many many complaints about the same problem. I am disappointed with Ford and won't be buying anymore vehicles from this corporation. I am a loyal customer and expect loyalty in return. Its the American way. But not with FORD Motor Corporation. Now the Door ajar and airbag bells are ringing arbitrarily.
During this past winter , I observed a big crack around the lift gate.I thought it was just my vehicle, but recently I have seen a lot of the same crack on other Ford explorer models around my neighborhood and on the expressways. What is the probem and I will like a solution. Thank you.
2005 Ford Explorer62,000
8" long vertical crack next to the ford logo. Estimates so far are about $1000 to fix. Have not had it fix yet. This is on the Ford Explorer Limited model.
2002 Ford Explorer89,765
Crack appeared around Ford emblem..Cost to replace 450.00
2004 Ford Explorer60,000
crack in liftgate.
2003 Ford Explorer59,000
A crack developed in the plastic panel for no apparent reason after seven years. Ford won't pay for it... repair/replacement is about $500 at the Ford Place. Very Disappointing.
2002 Ford Explorer45,000
plastic panel on the liftgate started cracking at about 45000 miles, I think Ford should recall these vehicles and fix the problem at their expense...
2005 Ford Explorer70,000
Ford should step up & fix our Explorers. My Explorer is in excellent condition, every time I look at the crack I'm annoyed
2004 Ford Explorer56,000
Crack through Ford decal from top to bottom of trim piece below rear hatch glass. No solution at present.Hoping that the pending class-action suit will force Ford to pay for repair.
2004 Ford Explorer89,000
Have had this panel on the liftgate replaced 3 times and they have all cracked. I see these vehicles all over Phoenix with the same crack. It is a design flaw and should have been fixed long ago.
2004 Ford Explorer99,000
crack below the tailgate window where the FORD symbol is. My car was brand new in 2004. It happened after 4 years. Not repaired yet I went to Ford and they ran a "oasis report" by using my vin # no recall messages for problem. So Ford will not fix it/
2003 Ford Explorer150,000
I have the same crack on my SUV near the rear lock. I've seen many Fords on the road with this problem. I am very disappointed Ford. I can't believe you don't feel the need to fix this problem.
2005 Ford Explorer45,000
Cracked tailgate. One day everything was fine, the next morning it was cracked. Took it to dealer, got an estimate for $1,500 (YES, FIFTEEN HUNDRED!)to fix it. Was told that a body shop may be able to do it cheaper! Will try that next... Has anybody tried filling in the crack with putty and paint it over??
2004 Ford Explorer54,329
Replaced first cracked rear panel in 2008, its 2011 and I now have 3 cracks in that one. The sad news is the part is defective, so if I were to replace it again, in a few years I will have to pay to have it replaced again. Is this FORDs way of continuously keeping the flow of money coming their way. Hmm I wonder?????????????????????????????????????????????
2002 Ford Explorer76,000
When I first bought my Mountaineer I had to replace the cracked rear back panel at the cost of $500. Now that panel, a couple of months ago, just flew off the car as I was driving down the road! There is an obvious flaw in these panels on Mountaineers and Explorers because everywhere I look I see either a crack in the panel, half the panel is missing or in my case just gone. Ford/Mercury should man up and recall these because it is obviously a widespread problem.
2003 Ford Explorer128,000
The plastic cracked. Did not get it fixed.
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