Q: 4-Wheel Drive Transfer Case Issue on 1999 Chevrolet Tahoe

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Occasionally, when I start my truck, the four wheel drive lights blink (electronic push button 4WD selector) and it becomes stuck in neutral. It will remain in neutral for ten or so miles until finally audibly clicking and switching into 2HI. Any opinions on this issue? Also, my engine seems to lunge at times, especially while in idle and seems to do so worse either in cool weather or when the a/c is running full bore. Many thanks for your time in advance!
(2) Answers
When the light is flashing a fault code should be set in the transfer case control module. I am assuming the switch is in neutral - you would not be able to drive for ten miles with the transfer case in neutral. Two common faults with your 4wd system are the switch itself and the transfer case encoder motor. You will need to put the fault code from the control module with a scan tool and inspect the system as per the fault code. The surge in your engine could be caused by a low idle condition due to a dirty throttle body, The throttle body can be carefully cleaned with some carburetor cleaner or brake clean and a shop towel.