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Q: 2004 Pacifica will not start!!! on 2004 Chrysler Pacifica

my wife drove our car the other day, and the next, it wouldnt start. all it did was click a couple of times and...nothing. i disconnected the battery to let it reset, and when i checked it again, the same thing happened. i tried to jump it with my car, but nothing. i checked the battery, and it seemed fine, i was looking for the starter switch, but cant find it, i was looking for the fuel filter, cant find it. i dont have a manual for this car so i dont know where anything is. what the heck is wrong with this car? can someone please help???
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to all pacifica owner's , I was having similar problem's
started with the obvius battery, alternator starter etc.
After everything checked-out fine my mechanic was giving
up and getting ready to refer me to an auto electric specialist. Thank god for the computer age someone had offered their advise on this sight stating that after people with similar problems and thousands of dollars later that itwas a faulty ground from engine to the transmission. all my mechanic did was replace a 16.00 dollar ground wire from battery to exaughst manifold.
My wifes car has been fine ever since!!!!!!!!
thanks so very much:), we got stranded on I40 heading to Raleigh, towed to Benson of course its Sunday..Monday comes and we have been working on our Pacifica non-stop, found your site/info got a new ground wire and it is running like a charm!!! You were a life-saver..need to be at work in MD Wed!!
I have been having the same problem and so i changed the battery and the alternator and it still won't start the ground wire is fine but it still won't start could it be the alarm system?? I don't have the manuel so i can't even figure out how to reset it does anyone know how to?
I am currently having a similar problem with my '04 Pacifica. Mechanics gave up and dint know what to do. Thanks to this site and the info within maybe I can get my car fixed. Thanks
I have an 04 . The grounds corrode and snap, there's a few of them just hunt for them by motor mounts and such, I bought battery cables for my ground replacement, just remember you can never have to much ground
Who ever comes across this problem again. Get some jumper cables and connect the negative of one end to the negative on the battery, then connect the other negative end of the jumper cable directly to the the engine somewhere metal (there is a ground wire braid between engine and radiator fan. Your car will probably start now. If it does start there is a broken ground wire on the back of the transmission behind the left front tire, there is a big bolt that should have a terminal lug on it. This usually breaks if your upper motor mount is broken allowing the engine to rock back and forth. Sorry if this has been discussed already, just wanted to help someone with something I found.
You hit right on the nose they sold him a starter still don't start told them is was a major elect short would not even give a amount to fix took car to me I did what you said took jumper cables from ground bat to eng block started right up went down by trans found ground cable with no end on it and hanging on but two strans put end on cable and all is good thanks for good advice bin working on cars for a long time and this place saved me a lot of time many times
I came across this forum in a google search and this was what fixed our car! It wasnt starting at all. Husband replaced the starter, alternator, battery, motor mounts and still nothing. So i read this post to him and $6.00 later and less than an hour of wrenching and it STARTED. yaaas! THANK YOU SO MUCH for this!!!
I am having this issue. 2005 Chrysler pacifica. Replaced battery, lights come on in the ceiling and on the door but won't start. No lights in the dash, no click, no nothing. Have the vaguest idea what is wrong. Had no problems before til now. What's wrong?
Did your wife open the doors with the car key or the remote. My 04 died on me and i could not( WOULD NOT )start. Called Triple A and was having the car towed when the tow truck driver asked me to unlock the wheel and i turn the car over by misstake and it started right up.long story short my little girl went to the car and bypass the alarm by using the key the the auto theft kick in.The car would not start tell i reset the alarm by locking it and opening it us the key alarm try that
First thing is to make sure the battery is charged, A battery with one bad cell will turn on the lights but won't start the car, Same thing happened to my 67 gto I jumped it once then it died, So I went to Napa Auto parts and bought a new battery and now it starts every time, Start with a fresh battery then if it still dosn't crank its probably the starter.
Parts mechanics are funny. They always think that throwing batteries and starters and alternators will solve their laziness problem. You should have learned everything you needed to know to diagnose an automobile in high school physics. Don't just check the voltage of the battery just sitting there, check it with the key turned over (this is called "load") and always... always check your connections, the battery might say 650 amps but it won't push that through an inch of corrosion! A little bit of brain will save you a lot of dough!
Is this also related to the ground issue? My 2008 pacifica also did the same thing when I would take the key out. It would "ding"even though my lights were off and the key was out of the ignition. Now I think I'm at the same annoyance level as most others with my car just not starting. I will have my husband try the trick w/the jumper cables tomorrow to try and rule out another costly expense.
Thank you, thank you, thank you very much. My wives grocery hauler Pacifica broke a mount then stalled. All the indicator lights showed it had power. I was stumped till I came here. You gave me the answer to solve the problem. Put the ground wire in and it fired right up. I was thinking key fob, computer and everything else. I guess it would be safe to say with the Pacifica that if you break a motor mount then you break the ground and it won't start.
Several replies lean toward a broken ground between motor and transmission with some writers cautioning of ground wires broken from engine rocking after a broken motor mount.

Many here suggest installing a ground wire corrected their trouble, I have also seen this same information other places online.

My thoughts and questions...
If the problem is a ground wire from motor to transmission where should you try connecting one cable of your jumper cable? Between battery negative and engine or battery negative and transmission?

Isn't the engine and transmission always grounded together? When the transmission is bolted to the engine grounds between the engine and transmission are established at every bolt and other places metal from the two meet each other.

Looking at my Pacifica (2004) the ground wire coming from the battery goes directly into the wiring harness. Is this implying my wire harness has broken ground wires it the harness? If this is true it makes me wonder if this might be WHY OUR CAR SOMETIMES UP AND DOWN SHIFTS VERY HARD WHEN SLOWLY INCREASING OR DECREASING SPEED TRAVELING BETWEEN 20 AND 30 MPH, especially when adjusting speeds between speed bumps? (note: some signals to the autos various processors are said to travel along the ground circuit(s). Could this be a signal to shift problem on the one of those ground circuits caused by faulty ground resulting from a broken wire caused by an engine mount failure?)

Maybe you can shed some light on these thoughts and questions. I am simply trying to understand this better and am not criticizing anyone's post. I value everyone's input !
I. Have. Change. My. Fuel. Pump. Crank. Shaft. And. Sensor. In. My. 2005. Pacific. And it. Turn. But. Want. Start. The. Gas. Not. Get. Through. What. Else. Can. Be. The. Problem

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