Q: 2004 Chevy Colorado Crewcab Pickup on 2004 Chevrolet Colorado

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I bought this truck new in March,2004. The dealer replaced the blower motor resistor and blower motor while under warranty. I've replaced two resistors since then. Next item to check is the blower motor relay.Where is it located and how do I check it out?
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did you use dealer resistors. aftermarkets never hold up under the heavy draw from the motor. i would not go to the relay. it is in the resistor. also, check the connector on the resistor, common for burning causing failures of the resistor.

sounds like you need a new connector also check black ground box under hood.this is next to the air filter box.make sure the ground screw is tight and its not painted behind it.
I had the exact same problem, the motor would turn off and on when it felt like it. As one of the post said check the black box, the ground is not necessarily the problem. If you move the wires and hear the fan kick on you have a loose connection inside of the box. That was the problem with mine. good luck.
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