Q: 2004 BMW 325 xi - Oil consumption on 2004 BMW 325i

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My 2004 BMW 325 xi has a 15,000 mile interval between oil changes. I still have 5000 miles left to go, but the yellow oil light came on, and the oil level is low on the dipstick. Should I change oil more frequently or is there a problem? I see no leaks, no smoke.
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I am old fashion and still change my oil (conventional oil) every 3,000 miles on my cars. On your BMW I would change the engine oil more frequently. Using synthetic oil I would change my oil every 5 or 6,000 miles. Everyone has there own opinions when it comes to oil change intervals. Some car club and enthusiast websites vary between the school of thought that says garages are trying to rip people off by suggesting more frequent oil changes than the manufacturer calls for, others have people claiming to have there oil laboratory tested on low mileage cars at the manufactures recommended oil service intervals and claim the oil had exceeded its useful life. I have over 150,000 to 200,000 miles on my own cars and customers cars, the engines don't burn oil and are spotlessly clean inside. Good quality oil and frequent oil changes helps promote long and healthy engine life. Check with some of the BMW car club forums opinions vary a lot.