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Q: 2002 Mazda 626 Cranks but does not start. (No spark) on 2002 Mazda 626

I landed here after googling the condition. Our Mazda 626 has DOHC with no distributor. The car conked out 2 or three times on the road and fially stopped. I found it had no spark after putting in the key to a plug wire and looking for a flash near a bolt. So I bought the igntion coil $53 from Auto Zone. The car started then died in 5 sec. So I jiggled the wires from the crank sensor and the car started. It turns out that the crank sensor wire had come loose from it's holders and was shredded by the water pump pulley. With some tools I was able to re-rout the wire onto the other side of the power steering bracket and put some electrical tape over the damaged part. Now the car is running again. Honestly, I think someone goofed up the wire routing when they changed the belts so that the wire was then behind the water pump pulley. Where I re-routed it looked much more natural and well away from all moving things like belts and pulleys.
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What is the question? Did someone work on this vechicle for you? Wires are routed to use the least about of wire possible (cost purposes) and are held from moving parts by harnesses, wire ties and mounted wire brackets. It is possible that one of these broke or was bypassed by someone causing this issue or rerouted improperly before.
Well, we just actually put the car on the road after a friend gave it too us. The thing is the belts are like new and other things are replaced like the battery, but my friend only drove the car about 10 months. So I also imagined that someone worked on it and must have messed around with that wire. I was hopeing someone might be able to point out a diagram or tell me if the wire was better off how I did it. I have seen some cars where the wires are routed pretty tight behind covers and such. Now the Crank Sensor wire is quite free from distractions, but it has the tape on it, so if I buy the replacement I wanted to route it more like the original. Thanks for your help anyway. Now I think someone routed it incorrectly in the past.
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