Q: 2 codes p0705 p0112 on 1998 Volvo S90

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i put motor in car ck eng lt comes on 1o sec after start up runs and shift ok canada car grounds look ok us temp snsr non turbo car whats next move
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There is a ground near the left side motor mount, under the intake manifold, you can barely see it even when the car is on the lift. Make sure it's connected.
I have repaired many range sensors, but you need a special tool to align it correctly. The grease gets almost rock-hard in them causing bad connection. It needs to be taken apart, clean the interior well with electrical cleaner and a small brush, pay attention to the parts where small balls are pushed by springs, that's where is usually stuck, clean them good, make sure the spring will push the balls out and they won't stuck , polish the resistor plate with a very fine polish paper, lube them with dielectrical grease and put it together, than install it with the help of the alignment tool.
It's been a while since I worked on S90, but if I remember correctly the IAT sensor is built into the MAF sensor.