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Q: 1999 Honda Civic Si, it will not run after 45 - 60 min. drive. Why? on 1999 Honda Civic Si

can someone help me please, well I had this problem for the past 3 years now base on my car. I own a 99' manual Honda Civic Si, once I drive it for a good 45-60 min. after the engine get hot, everything start to stop working. I mean the engine still running but once I step on the gas peddle, it will not move or go forward. All you can hear is the engine running loud, but will not move. Just can't afford to get it fix at the auto shop. I had ask a lot of people for help, but no one seem to know the right answer. So please can someone out there give me the actual answer. What cost the problem?
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well if its a si it only comes standard. as from the info that you are telling it seems to have a transmission problem. could possible be a flywheel problem were ( the flywheel has heat spots or glazed )the flywheeel will have to be replaced or it very well can be the clutch slipping when it warms up. either way i would consider going to get a clutch, throw out bearing, and a flywheel
I agree with this guy. Depending on how old your clutch is it could be overheating like he says.
Yep, after 45-60 minutes, without slipping and being able to smell the burnt clutch lining - which BTW the OP never mentioned??

So after it won't move you need to tow it, or wait till it cools down? How can you get to start it?
I assume it has an automatic transmission - there might be a problem with the torque converter clutch solenoid - perhaps other problem with the transmission.
Unfortunately because of the nature of the problem I don't think you can have the exact answer from here. You need to take it to a shop for a diagnostic.

what do you mean by, automatic transmission or a torque converter clutch solenoid. Just that i never heard anything like that be for. Can you please give me some more information on it ZeeTech. Please I really need to know what exact is the problem. As for taking it to the shop and diagnostic it, it's about $70.00 and that's way to much bro.
Well, that's the first step of a successful repair, confirm and diagnose the problem properly.
That's how a pro starts, instead of replacing a bunch of unnecessary parts.
As you can see dude, I put my name out and sign my answers. You might still live in the pre- 1970s when you needed a handful tools to "tune up" your car, and don't have the slightest clue about the complexity of modern vehicles.
You can read my 1700+ answers - no one can read yours.
Be a man, name yourself and let us see your answers. I don't think it will happen, dudes like you are just cowards, hiding behind the cover of anonymity and throws mud at others.
I think all you know is to come here and ask: '' I changed my battery and starter but my car still doesn't start, what could be wrong?? ''

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