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Q: 1996 Dodge Avenger 2.5 V6 Crankshaft won't rotate after changing water pump. on 1996 Dodge Avenger

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96 Dodge Avenger 2.5 V6. The car ran fine but the water pump was bad. So I pulled it into the garage to work on. Got a new water pump and started pulling it apart. No problem as I've worked on cars for years and years as a hobby. When I started taking it apart, I had a brain fart and did not line up the timing marks first per the manual. Stupid me. But I did mark the timing belt, cam sprockets and crank gear with a paint marker first. I did this thinking that when I put it back together, all I had to do was to make sure I lined up the marks I made with the paint marker and all would be good. In theory, this should have worked fine. I've done this type of thing before on other stuff and never had a problem. Well, I changed out the water pump no problem. Then put the whole thing back together. I have the manual and followed the procedure for putting the timing belt back on. I made sure to line up the marks I had made on the sprockets, belt and crank gear when I put it back together. By the way, I made sure also not to move the cam sprockets or crank either in the process of tearing down and putting back together. Well got her all put back together, antifreeze in it etc. Got in and hit the key. It rolled over probably one full crank maybe?? and then stopped cold. So then I put a breaker bar on the crank and attempted to rotate it. The crank would only go maybe 1/8 of a turn. Ok, well I tore it all back down, timing belt off thinking I must have gotten the one or the other cam sprockets out of sync. And thought maybe I might have bent a valve or something. I can rotated each cam sprocket 360 degrees with no problem. Nothing appears to be binding or hanging up and when I do, I don't see any indication that any of the valves on each head are hanging up. All the valves move up and down just fine. But with the timing belt off and taking the heads and valves out of the loop, I still can't get the crank to rotate. If I put a dowel rod down each cylinder, I can see them all move up and down a bit when I try and rotate the crank. I did notice that when I try and rotate the crank, there is a clunk sound indicating that something is hitting something preventing the crank from rotating all the way around. The sound appears to be coming from the rear of the engine. Whew, after all this, I am at a "throw my hands in the air" mode. Anyone have any clues here?? Thanks!!
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does not sound good. i bet you bent a valve but that is not the reason for the crank not turning. i hope a head of a valve did not break off and is jammed against the top of the piston and the ehad.
at any rate, a tear down is in order.

Yuch. Anyway I can somewhat confirm this before tearing down?? Maybe by running a wire down into each cylinder and sort of moving it around to see if it hits anything?? Any possibility that if the starter somehow decided to lock up it would cause this? I will do a tear down if I have to. But always like to see if there might be something else here I can check. BTW, if the head of a valve did break off, wouldn't the valve stem fall through into the cylinder?? Just a thought. And I simply love all the room they give you to work on these engines when they are in the car........NOT. Ahhh, I long for the days when I had my 62 Chevy Impala and could crawl into the engine bay along side of it and work on it, lol. Anyway, thanks for the quick reply back.
I agree, 62 impala was simplicity at the best. even if you used a boroscope, you will still have to tear it down. it will be obvious when you get the heads off.

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