Q: What is causing my 1994 E420 to stall when backing and stopping? on 1994 Mercedes-Benz E420

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My 1994 E420 start stalling a month ago while backing out of a drive way. When I got my vehicle in drive position, I noticed the fuel gauge moving from full to half full and my RPMs going up. I tried giving it gas but it start stalling again. I decided to have the vehicle towed to my mechanic. He drove it for two days and nothing happened. On the third day, the vehicle stopped on him and he had to push it to his shop. He replaced the fuel pump, fuel filter and fuel line. A week later I experienced the same problem. I took my vehicle back to my mechanic. He checked the wiring harness and ran several test but can not locate the problem.
(2) Answers
I had the same problem. Was told it was the fuel pump and filter. Had it replaced. Soon the problem started again but not as frequent. Took it to another mechanic and he said he had to adjust the RPMs. That was it. Fixed the problem and it cost me $50.00 for the labor.
I have the same car,same problem. Took 3 dealer mechanics to figure ground from harness to altenator. Fixed cost about $600 at dealer.