Q: 1988 honda civic when i put it in to drive it makes a loud clanking noise . on 1990 Honda Civic

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like something got broke. just replaced my cv boot axle . it got pretty bad. transmission was fine though at the time
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If you are concerned about the recent repair on your vehicle you should communicate directly with the shop that installed your parts. You should have a warranty on your repair. If this is a new and different problem, I agree with the previous answer. Safely inspect the vehicle or take it to a shop you trust and/or has good reviews.
Start with a visual inspection under the hood. Have a friend stand on the side of the vehicle with the hood open. With your foot firmly on the brake, shift the car into drive. Try to determine the general location of the noise. If this can't be done safely, I recommend taking the car to the shop for inspection. It could be any number of things. Broken or loose engine/transmission mounts. Internal damage inside the transmission. Worn or broken exhaust components.
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