Q: 100,000 mile maintence now gas leak on 2003 Honda Odyssey

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We bought a van with 97,500 miles on it. We then took it for the 100,000 mile checkup $875. We put about 700 miles on it after the checkup. Now it is leaking gas in a continuous drip drip. Started today. Had to put a bowl under the van to catch gas. Very nervous about this. We have 2 little ones at home. Could something not be put back together right? Or is this a totally different problem? The mechanic looked it over and said it was a good van before fixing it.
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I would say that most likely this had nothing to do with the checkup you had. If there was an issue it should have shown up immediately after. Of course there is always the possibility that something may have not been secured correctly. I would ask the business if there was some type of fuel filter replacement or fuel flush done during the service and depending upon where the leak was it may be the cause. In most cases if something was not secured correctly the fuel leak would be immediate. If the fuel system was serviced or a filter replaced the technician should have double checked the connections to make sure there was no leaks. Honda's have life time fuel filters and where I work we usually do not flush the fuel system unless the customer requests it so the fuel system may not have been touched at all. I wouldn't drive the car and would have it towed to the shop to have it looked at.