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Owners' Reviews

2002 Mercury Mountaineer Reviews and Owner Comments

2002 Mercury Mountaineer
6 Reviews
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Overall Score (6 reviews)
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  • Suspension & Steering
2002 Mercury Mountaineer Owner Reviews (6 reviews)
  • 2002 Mercury Mountaineer
    Visitor, West, TX, July 08, 2013 16:37
    I have a 2002 Mercury Mountaineer which I purchased new in 2002. This is the 2nd Mountaineer I have owned and would buy another if they were still in production. It has been exceedingly dependable - as have all my Ford vehicles - and it has served me well in business as a Realtor and personally as well. It has just under 260,000 miles on it and it is still going strong. It is getting a little old and yes, it does groan when it turns sometimes, but so do I! Of course it has had some maintenance and repairs needed over its life and as I look at the total expenses they seem pretty high until I look at the details. The total I have spent on this vehicle since new has been just under $92,000; but that is TOTAL expenses including gas, loan interest, insurance and license plates as well as total maintenance and repairs. That is a whopping $0.35/mile. Now try to convince me that this has been anything but a great vehicle!
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  • 2002 Mercury Mountaineer
    Visitor, San Diego, CA, December 18, 2012 11:36
    Hello Every One I Have Owned My Mercury For Almost 10 Years I Bought it In 2003 Did My Routine Maint Just Know i Am Having To Do Major Work My Water Housing Went Out 280.00 parts And Labor My Fuel Pump went out 2 days after fixing my housing 550.00 parts and labor .. all in all this suv has been good to us ....
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  • 2002 Mercury Mountaineer
    Visitor, Toledo, OH, August 01, 2012 17:25
    I purchased a 2002 MERCURY MOUNTAINEER last year for 7800 as is from FORD DEALERSHIP IN TOLEDO OHIO (as is sale),salesman promised me this vehicle would be reliable for the next 5 yrs,at the time it only had 92,000 miles on it,the day I took it off the lot. I spent 200 to replace brakes and rotors on the front end,6 months later it started to shift hard into 2nd,now 1 year later I had to spend anther 400 to do the rear brakes,rotors and emergency brakes. only to find out that I also need to replace my spring on the shocks because it is broke,also I'm looking at replacing the trans for $1500,hoping it don't go out before tax season all in all the first year owning a 2002 mercury mountaineer that is 10 years old is not worth the $11,000 in the first year owning the truck,the only thing i would suggest is to RUN WITH YOUR MONEY UNLESS YOU ARE BUYING IT FOR $1500 ITS A LEMON AND GOOD LOOKING ONE TOO.....ALSO SEEM TO BE LEAKING FLUID FROM THE LEFT FRONT TIRE SPITTING IT ON THE SIDE OF THE TRUCK (BLACK FLUID)HAVE NO CLUE WHAT IT IS....
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  • 2002 Mercury Mountaineer
    Visitor, Grimesland, NC, July 15, 2011 21:23
    I own a 2002 Mercury Mountaineer that I purchased in 2004. At first it was a good vehicle I thought until I had to start paying high cost for repairs. The window got stuck, the heat switch stop working, the head gaskets needed replacing and the transmission went out. Now to top that of the rear-end needed replacing and the overdrive light refuses to go off and if won't allow the vehicle to shift gears. Now it sits in my driveway because I can't drive it and one of the worst things is there's no dip stick to check the transmission oil level. What ever you do in the future do not buy another car like this
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  • 2002 Mercury Mountaineer
    Visitor, Waco, TX, November 13, 2010 13:12
    I've had my 02 mercury mountaineer for about 3 years now and all I can say to anyone else who might now own or is thinking about buying one is RUN AWAY!!!!! It's a lemon! I've droped so much money into it it's unreal. It's sitting in my driveway now not running and I'm sure it's the timing chain! No warning ether just wouldn't start when I got in it. Ford should be ashamed of making such an unreliable suv. I'll never buy another Ford automobile ever again!
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  • 2002 Mercury Mountaineer
    Visitor, Raleigh, NC, June 08, 2010 10:01
    I have 202 mountaneer and it has worked perfct ive been to miami and back 6 times and it still runs brand new just done some maintenance like tune ups oil changes and tire rotations and brand new tires , it just started a new problem when i crank it it stalls after like three turns it starts up has ahybody had that yet
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