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2006 Mercury Mountaineer

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2006 Mercury Mountaineer Problems

Miscellaneous -- Verified

A cosmetic crack may develop on the plastic liftgate trim panel. Our technicians tell us the Ford has released a service procedure to replace the applique without damage the the liftgate glass.

Heating & Air Conditioning -- Verified

A failed heater blend door or actuator can cause the temperature control for the HVAC system to stop working. A clicking sound from the dash area would commonly indicate an actuator fault. If the heater gets stuck on the hottest setting, the heater blend door may be broken requiring replacement of the heater box to repair the issue.

Electrical & Lights -- Verified

The composite (plastic) intake manifold may crack near the thermostat housing and cause a coolant leak. Ford released an updated manifold that was reinforced to prevent a recurrence. No recall was issued for this problem but Ford did extend the warranty to seven years on some models from the date of purchase.

Miscellaneous -- Verified

The rear wiper may stop working. This could be due to a rear wiper motor that has failed requiring replacement.

Engine -- Verified

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A rattling noise from the engine may indicate that the timing chain cassette is worn. Our technicians tell us that installing an updated cassette and timing chain tensioner should correct this concern.

2006 Mercury Mountaineer Recalls (Recent)

Body, Interior & Misc., November 22, 2005

RepairPal Expert Overview:

Ford recalls 2006 E150, E250, E350 Escape, Expedition, F150, Ranger, Taurus, Lincoln Navigator, Mercury Mariner, and Mercury Mountaineer due to a possible lack of lubricant on the wiper motor output shaft gear. Eventually, loss of wiper function will result. Dealers will grease the wiper motor gears as necessary.

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2006 Mercury Mountaineer Questions and Answers

susanlea, 2006 Mercury Mountaineer, 4.6L V8, Cape Girardeau, MO

the powertrain malfuction light comes on you can hit reset and it will go away or when you turn the car off and back on it will not be on anymore

Visitor, 2006 Mercury Mountaineer, V6, Enfield, CT

no over drive

Visitor, 2006 Mercury Mountaineer, 4.0L V6, Patchogue, NY

per dealer its the break pad that was installed in mountaineer.

miamipops, 2006 Mercury Mountaineer, 4.0L V6, Miami, FL

it dos't work

Visitor, 2006 Mercury Mountaineer, 4.0L V6, Pompano Beach, FL

abs light came on..stopped at a dealer..they recommended that the rear axel be replaced which contains new abs sensor. no other solution...?

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2006 Mercury Mountaineer Reviews

I had purchased a 2006 Merc Mount. Premeir v-8 in 2008 as a off lease veh. still under factory warranty from an authorized Linc. Merc.dealership. I also purchased the Premeir warranty to 60,000 mi. This month I had to bring the truck into the dealership for MISFIRE ISSUES.. Engine warning light flashing at high speed 70 mph. The dealership advised me that the coils were good but at 45,000 mi. all 8 plugs were non serviceable due to severe and wide gaps from burn out. As suspected FORD which stands for FIX OR REPAIR DAILY would not honor THIER BEST WARRANTY nor did after discussing the problem with FORD customer service decided that the 495.00 repair bill is your bad...Thats a real shame, just when I was starting to give FORD a new srart.. Well GM might have taken the bail out money but I NEVER HAD THIS PROBLEM WITH MY CADILLAC WHEN IT CAME TO REAL BACK PROTECTION... FORD IS THE SAME OLD USELESS COMPANY IT WAS ..BACK TO GM NEXT TIME....

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