2005 Mercury Mountaineer Repair and Maintenance

A guide to problems, costs, maintenance and repair for your 2005 Mercury Mountaineer

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2005 Mercury Mountaineer Problems

Vacuum leak from intake manifold O-ring gaskets

The intake manifold O-ring gaskets commonly leak, causing stalling and poor idle quality; the Check Engine Light will illuminate.

Worn Timing Chain Cassettes May Cause Rattling Noise From Engine

A rattling noise from the engine may indicate that the timing chain cassette is worn. Our technicians tell us that installing an updated cassette and timing chain tensioner should correct this concern.

transmission gear slipping

was driving and seemed it slipped out of gear and then engine guide and shut off I went to start it again it started and then shut off again that's when the light came on and said check transmission

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2005 Mercury Mountaineer Questions

Is my all wheel system messed up or something else like trans or transfer case (1 answer)

It pulls left and right with a humming sound anywhere I drive it is an r title and the check advance trac is on but im not sure if it has to do with that or is it my transmission slipping and its really bad once ive driven it for about 10 minutes on until it cools down again

The horn and controls on the steering wheel are not working the airbag light on (1 answer)

Checked all the fuses they are all good. What could the problem be

My truck doesn't go in reverse.... all my other gears work fine. (1 answer)

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2005 Mercury Mountaineer Reviews

For no reason my 2005 mountaineer started spraying oil everytime I stop gas...just got an oil change two weeks ago
Very reliable and nice to look at. Comfortable and quiet. The only problem I had with it was one of the back windows stopped going down. Quickly repaired by the dealer. Hasn't had a problem yet I've had it for a year and a half. I recommend it to anyone. Just if ur going to buy it used completely check and test it out before signing anything.

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