2005 Mercury Mountaineer Repair and Maintenance

A guide to problems, costs, maintenance and repair for your 2005 Mercury Mountaineer

2005 Mercury Mountaineer Problems

A cosmetic crack may develop on the plastic liftgate trim panel. Our technicians tell us the Ford has released a service procedure to replace the applique without damage the the liftgate glass.

A failed heater blend door or actuator can cause the temperature control for the HVAC system to stop working. A clicking sound from the dash area would commonly indicate an actuator fault. If the heater gets stuck on the hottest setting, the heater blend door may be broken requiring replacement of the heater box to repair the issue.

The composite (plastic) intake manifold may crack near the thermostat housing and cause a coolant leak. Ford released an updated manifold that was reinforced to prevent a recurrence. No recall was issued for this problem but Ford did extend the warranty to seven years on some models from the date of purchase.

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2005 Mercury Mountaineer Questions

Before I replaced the blend door actuator my air condition worked fine. Now I have to unplug my actuator in order to have air and it doesn't blow out good air sometimes. So every summer I unplug it and every winter I have to buy a new one an plug it in to have heat. I've replace it severa...

When I start my mountaineer it kinda shakes but when I start to drive it shakes little crazy and when I'm parked at the light I shakes and you can tell my vehicle is shaking please help

i want to pull dash apart the easiest way i can

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2005 Mercury Mountaineer Reviews

Very reliable and nice to look at. Comfortable and quiet. The only problem I had with it was one of the back windows stopped going down. Quickly repaired by the dealer. Hasn't had a problem yet I've had it for a year and a half. I recommend it to anyone. Just if ur going to buy it used completely check and test it out before signing anything.

For no reason my 2005 mountaineer started spraying oil everytime I stop gas...just got an oil change two weeks ago

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