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2004 Honda CR-V (2 Reviews)
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The 2004 CR-V was the first Honda product that I have purchased. I will not be buying any more Honda's however. After 4 years of driving and at 71,000 miles, the air conditioning blew up, sending pieces through-out the system requiring installation of all new A/C system with me paying half ($1800) and Honda paying half. It was / is a known issue with many 2004 CR-V's (and some earlier models too, I believe) but Honda did not treat all of us the same nor do a recall (as it wasn't a safety issue). Then at almost 10 years of driving and 148,000 miles, the lower right control arm broke. Luckily, I was going slow enough that it wasn't more disastrous than being without my CR-V for several days until it could be repaired. It doesn't seem though that as carefully as I drive that the control arm should have broken. That is not a common problem on any car that I know of, is it? Needless to say, my next vehicle won't be a Honda product. Too many faulty parts in my current one.
Heater core apparently blocked - significant temp difference between inlet and outlet hoses. Original owner with all regular maintence accomplished at Honda dealer - no bad antifreeze. Unsure if this is an isolated issue or not as some forums have messages about heater core issues especially with 2004 Hondas, but not generally the CRVs.

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