2000 Honda CR-V Repair and Maintenance

A guide to problems, costs, maintenance and repair for your 2000 Honda CR-V

2000 Honda CR-V Problems

A groaning noise from the rear differential heard while going through turns can be caused by differential fluid break down. Servicing the rear differential will generally correct this concern.

The front brake rotors can warp and cause a vibration when braking. The rotors will need to be machined or in cases where they are worn to thin, replaced to correct this issue.

On certain models the water pump bearing can go bad and cause a growl type noise from the front of the engine.


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2000 Honda CR-V Questions

I just bought a 2000 CR-V that had spent its life in Texas as a basic around-town utility vehicle. It's tires are almost new but of questionable quality (Fisk Classic P205/70R15 M+S.)

Now that the car lives in Michigan, I've found that its traction is very poor in snow & wet. It ca...

these are the studs the lug nuts go on

Mine is squeeking alot, would like to replace it but wanna buy it before dismantling.

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